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Microfiber Standard Series 2-1/2″ OD

A series of 10” and multi-length cartridges manufactured from pure polypropylene microfiber for a depth filter with excellent dirt-holding capacity.

Grooved version offers excellent enhancement of dirt-holding capacity and longer filtration life. Fewer change-outs provides the benefits of less labor and material cost.

Also available featuring Siliphos® Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor contained within the center core area to provide continuous protection to plumbing and appliances in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Custom lengths and filtration ratings are available.

Standard Series 2-1/2” OD

model nominal length & efficiency rating rated flow
7033-98/05 5”, 5 μ 3 gpm
7033-98/01 10”, 1 μ 6 gpm
7033-98/05 10”, 5 μ 6 gpm
7033-98/20 10”, 20 μ 6 gpm
7033-98/50 10”, 50 μ 6 gpm
7033-20/01 20”, 1 μ 12 gpm
7033-20/05 20”, 5 μ 12 gpm
7033-20/20 20”, 20 μ 12 gpm
7033-20/50 20”, 50 μ 12 gpm
7033-30/01 30”, 1 μ 18 gpm
7033-30/05 30”, 5 μ 18 gpm
7033-30/20 30”, 20 μ 18 gpm
7033-30/50 30”, 50 μ 18 gpm
7033-40/01 40”, 1 μ 24 gpm
7033-40/05 40”, 5 μ 24 gpm
7033-40/20 40”, 20 μ 24 gpm
7033-40/50 40”, 50 μ 24 gpm

Scale & Corrosion inhibition series

Siliphos® protects appliances and plumbing from the ravages of lime-scale build-up or corrosion. Provides an added value that benefits all water supplies.
Add “S” suffix to model number.
Example: 7133S-20/05

Grooved series
Extended surface area provides greater dirt holding capacity & longer life
Add “G” suffix to model number.
Example: 7133G-20/05

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